Linux SDK 更新日志

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Linux SDK 更新日志

版本:V0.3 2015-09-25


  1. Support chat room.

  2. Linux demo can detect network status now.

  3. Fix the issue when user login from other device or removed from server.

  4. Add timeout when login.

  5. Remove conversation when remove a contact.

  6. optimize memory usage and performance.

版本:V0.2 2015-08-25


  1. Support group chat.

  2. Fix login delay time error.

  3. Report error when user login on another device.

版本:V0.1.1 2015-08-10


  1. Fix multi user login issue.

  2. Add auto login feature.

  3. Fix Blacklist error.

  4. optimize memory using.

版本:V0.1 2015-08-03

公开测试版,支持文本消息、图片、语音、位置等消息以及透传消息,目前已经可以应用在 Linux、Mac 及树莓派平台上。